Literally Just Photos Of Cat Sitting Like Humans


Our pet cats are loving and caring. Every cat is different from another and displays some special characteristics that are unique to a particular cat. Their behaviors change according to the surroundings, situations and most importantly their mood. They may sometimes be very active, but on other times show a tendency to laze around. Some of their behaviors are very funny and may make you wonder what goes on in their tiny little heads. Climbing on high places, creeping in to tight places and even sitting like humans all of these are some very strange habits that can surprise any cat lover.

The following post displays some very strange cat sitting positions that can bring laughter almost instantly and lift your mood.

#1. Cats are so weird.


Don’t care who says what; would love to imitate my family members, is there a problem?

#2. Come on. Seriously? Cat Like Sitting Like Humans.


Just feels nice to sit like this on a bed after a good nap.

#3. What are you doing?


Saw a Kangaroo on television, thought of being one for a while.

#4. Why are you sitting like that?


This is the most comfortable position to sit, feels like a human now.

#5. Are you sure you’re a cat?


Just want to experience what a couch potato is for a while. Though, it does hurt my back.

#6. That chair is for humans!


Look at my soft fur, want to be tickled.

#7. Why?


Heard Yoga is good for your overall health; thought of trying out some of the postures.

#8. Did you forget how to cat?


What a comfortable position to be in. Look I am the CEO here.


#9. That’s not how you’re supposed to sit, kitty.


That’s how my family sits to watch a television. I have learnt to sit in this position from them.

#10. Just. Kitty, no.


Look at my abs. Can you spot them?

#11. Y u do dis?


Wow, what a way to look out of the window. This is the best way to relax after a long hard day.

#12. Are you part human?


Yes, have seen other family members sit like this, so why not me.


#13. Are you mocking the way we sit?


No, just got out of the bed from the wrong side.

#14. What is going on, cat?


Tired of this activity; now I know why it is called an idiot box.

#15. Who broke you?


You scared me; I was just licking myself.

#16. You’re on a bed, why don’t you just lie down?


The bed doesn’t seem comfortable here. I would like to try out some other place to relax.


#17. Why must you subject yourself to this form of stress?


What stress? Don’t I look like a lion now?

#18. You guys are cute and all, but you’re all pretty freaky too.


It’s just that I got stuck between the side table and the bed, but I am enjoying the warmth around these gadgets.

#19. Cats, dude.


Don’t I look smart? Love posing and being a cat sitting like humans for the shutterbugs.

#20. They just keep getting weirder and weirder.


Got a lot of pending work to finish, found this place interesting in the house. Hope you won’t disturb my concentration.