Community Post: 15 Pictures Of Human Flexibility That Will Shock & Inspire You


1. This guy, who can easily search for loose change in his back pockets.

2. This dude, who makes everyone else at the gym look lame.

3. This girl, who is so comfortable she’s checking out her nails.

4. This woman, who makes silly putty look stiff.

5. This person’s fingers, which both impress us and make us feel sick to our stomachs.

6. These two. At least, we think there are two separate people here. Are there?

7. These ice skaters. How, exactly, is he holding on?

8. The woman on the bottom, whose palms, shoulders, knees and chin are all on the ground while she holds the guy on top.

9. This woman. We’re not sure what’s happening here, but it dosen’t look comfortable.

10. These two, the human see-saw.

11. This woman, who is more in shape at 50 than you will ever be.

12. These three, or maybe just the two younger ones.

13. This woman. We feel like her face looks.

14. This woman. Do her feet turn all the way around?

15. This couple, who show us that there’s a very fine line between beautiful skating and a serious head injury.

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