Community Post: 25 Wonderful Boat Names


1. The Codfather

You come to me on this day of rest and relaxation…

2. The Kerry Bridget (?)

3. Piece of Ship

4. Unsinkable II

RIP, Unsinkable I.

7. Aboat Time

Canadians, man.

8. WTF

Capturing the reaction of most to Florida.

11. Holy Mackerel

12. The Friendship


13. Titanic II

So, clearly Titanic is to sea what Macbeth is to stage.

14. Ctrl + Alt + Delete

15. Who Cares

This boat has a face, but whatever.

17. S.S. Fat Guy

He’s the hero we need, not the one we deserve.

18. Dijabringabeeralong

Well? It’s BYOB up in here.

20. Boob

Subtlety is not everyone’s strongest suit.

24. Jeannius

Someone’s got an edjucashun.

25. Hakuna Matata

It means no worries!

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