55 Incredible Short Bob Hairstyles & Haircuts With Bangs


While long hair has its own romantic beauty, there is something undeniably adorable yet edgy about short hairstyles with bangs. Often, for women, it’s tough to take the plunge and cut out hair short because it feels masculinizing – however, there is nothing more feminine than girlish straight across bangs. Cute pixie cuts or short bob hairstyles with bangs are a great way to take off a heavy weight of hair off your shoulders, while still keeping things stylish. In this post I’ll show you some of the best pictures of short bob hairstyles with bangs, but first here are some things to keep in mind.

How to Choose Short Haircuts with Bangs

Switching to short hairstyles with bangs can be a great way to completely change up your look. Different kinds of bangs can have a big impact on the shape of your face, and as long as you choose the right kind of bangs for your face shape, they will be very flattering. You have a few fringe options:

Straight Across Bangs

Straight across bangs are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of hairstyles with bangs. They remind us of Bettie Page, or Vidal Sassoon’s 5-point haircut – stylish, feminine, and a little retro. There are some things you should keep in mind, before getting short hairstyles with bangs like these:

• They look best on oval, rectangular, and diamond shaped faces, or in other words, medium and long faces.

• They will make round or square face shapes look more square.

• They are a great trick to hiding a large forehead.

• They require frequent salon visits, lest they start impeding your vision.

Variations include: peekaboo bangs and asymmetrical bangs.


Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs don’t quite convey the same powerful effect as straight across bangs, but they are an excellent choice for those wanting to try short haircuts with bangs for the following reasons:

• Side-swept bangs will flatter almost any face shape.

• They allow for very versatile hair styling. You can sweep them into either direction, or pin them back nicely.

• As they start to grow out, they blend easily into the rest of the hair without causing an annoying “grow out” stage.


Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are a very popular hair cutting choice, nowadays. They are a much softer version of the straight across bangs. They are much less in your face than straight across bangs (quite literally), but they still frame the face nicely. Here are some reasons to consider short haircuts with bangs on the wispy side:

• They give the same femininity as straight across bangs.

• They are a very modern take on the bangs.

• They can hide a high forehead, but without making the face appear too short.

• In fact, they are excellent for most face shapes.

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are the look for anyone who really wants to stand out. Depending on the hair color and styling, they might seem more rockabilly, high fashion, punk, or retro-futuristic. Here are some things to keep in mind about them:

• For most people, they are not very flattering.

• They definitely show bravery and a unique style.


How Short Should You Go?


Let me be the devil in your ear, who asks, “what are you afraid of?” Short pixie hairstyles with bangs are actually ultra cute and feminine, and fantastic for summer time. Do you get headaches a lot? A pixie haircut will totally fix it. In my opinion, everyone looks good with a pixie haircut no matter their face shape, but if you’re nervous, leave your fringe longer and sweep it to the side, and it’ll frame your face in a very flattering way.


I didn’t manage to talk you into the pixie? Well, a bob is also an excellent choice. If you keep bob hairstyles with bangs curled, they’ll be lovely and soft, but you can also straighten them for that high-fashion takes on prisoners, Anna Wintour look.

Long Bob/ Lob

It’s undeniable that long bobs have been super popular in the past few years. They require fewer salons visits than the pixie and the bob hairstyles, and they’re definitely the safest choice for anyone who is feeling nervous. For a bit of a ‘70s vibe, pair them with straight across bangs, or stick to side bangs for a more modern look.

55 Ideas for Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs

And without further ado, here are some short haircuts with bangs for you to consider!


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