These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable


Humans are not the only ones who suffer from hair loss. Whether caused by disease or old age, this condition can affect our animal friends, too.

Hair loss from the head or body is technically called alopecia. It can have many different causes, such as natural processes (seasonality or aging), biological dysfunctions (vitamin or mineral imbalance), genetic mutations, diseases or parasitic infestations. Some dogs, cats, rats and guinea pigs were even bred to be hairless by humans.

Luckily, the animals and birds from our list below don’t seem to mind their hair, fur or feather loss. What do you think – are they still just as cute without their fur or feathers?


This cute bunny was born in 2009 and he instantly became an Internet sensation for being bald. Fortunately, after three months he grew his first coat and turned out to be as normal as his fluffy siblings. (Source:

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